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Comedian Oga Obinna unapologetic after roasting Tanzanian Actress


Comedian Oga Obinna was on Wednesday roasted online after sharing a post making fan of Tanzanian actress Tausi Mdegela.

In the controversial post, the comedian said that men have no limits and asking why any man would impregnate someone like Tausi who is a dwarf.

Obinna tagged Joe Muchiri and Blak Aende who also joked about the post.

“Boychild has no limits chisos!! @joewmuchiri @blakaende who did this???” he said

The comedian rubbed his online fans the wrong way and many women called him out over his post.

“This is sooo wrong how could you post such she is a woman and she deserves to have a family shame on you!” wrote Fancy Chepkorir

Actress Esther Chebet also called out the comedian telling him how wrong he was.

“Some of us were birthed and raised by people living with Disabilities.This is wrong on so many levels!?? This is not Savage,it’s stupidity!!” she wrote

However in a separate post, it looks like the comedian is un-bothered by the anger he sparked online.

In his latest post, Obinna argues that he was only joking and many people took-his joke way too seriously.