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Comedian Owago Onyiro forced to defend Churchill against allegations of killing comedians


Comedian Owago Onyiro has come out to defend his employer Churchill against the allegations that he is killing comedians in Kenya.

Owago had to come to the defense of his employer after his fans related his sickness to Churchill killing his career.

Owago had posted on his page that he was sick only for fans to flock his comment section and accuse

He also said that Churchill does not have all the solutions to every problem that the comedian has but only provides a platform for them.

“Let’s learn to stop blaming Churchill on everything Comedians undergo. The other day I fell sick and came across weird comments….some said oooh Churchill don’t kill this one…really?Do you mean us Comedians we just can’t fall sick and God forbid die a natural death….Churchill is also human and has his personal life. Churchill is not Kenya Comedians God…..Churchill doesn’t have every solution to all Comedians’ problems,” wrote Owigo.


Owago also advised his fellow comedians to invest and stop blaming people for their downfall.

 “Let’s not put all our blame and failed ambitions to Churchill’s bucket because he is also facing his own problems and targets. As a Comedian I have learnt a lot…..Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…..Always learn to have a side Hustle. Learn to respect and know how to live with people.always be humble to that mama mboga who sells you vegetables everyday,” he added.

Owago started a fish business during the coronavirus pandemic. He is also currently pushing various products on his timeline.


By: Emmaline Owuor