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Comedian Terrence Creatives ex exposes him for being violent


Comedian Terence Creative’s Baby Mama Eunice Waneta has accused him of being violent during their relationship.

This comes days after the comedian took to social media to celebrate his baby mama and his wife on mother’s day.

Speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, Waneta admitted that Terence physically abused her years back prompting her to walk away from the relationship.

The lady revealed that she was left with a black eye at one point forcing her to take their babies and run.

“Yes he did…if you Zoom that picture vizuri my eye has a black eye. He should have used this picture not myself made beauty… like he wants to show the world vile niko sawa, useless creature. Btw we moved from the place he could locate us. Am sure rumours have gotten to him that am living good…I blocked him everywhere,” she said

Waneta also expressed displeasure in Terence Creative’s move to post her and on Mother’s day, when he knows that they’re not in good terms and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

She said she was forced to move to a different location to hide from the comedian.

According to Waneta, the last time she heard anything from the comedian was when his wife reached out asking for the kids.

“After we moved to stay away from him I even blocked him and his family. Later his wife reached out claiming I should send the kids to see him because he is depressed. I later found out they just wanted the kids because of the Parents Magazine shoot.” She said