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Comedian Terrence Creative’s wife opens up about losing their child


TV producer, Milly  Chebby , wife to comedian Terrence Creative, has opened up about the painful loss of their unborn baby.

The producer narrated how she realized she was spotting and decided to see a doctor only to be told there was no heartbeat.

“I was spotting on an off at week seven of my pregnancy so I went to the hospital and the doctor did an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat.At week 13, I spotted again and my hubby was so sad, that morning he was going to a meeting and he dropped us at the hospital.The doctor did another ultrasound and I was told there was no heartbeat.” She said

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She went on to reveal that the baby died at week 7 just three days after she had a doctor’s visit.

“Apparently, the baby died at week 7, three days after leaving the hospital.I screamed in the room and cried nonstop that day.I have never cried that much in my life.My sister called my husband, he was silent for a minute then told my sister it was okay and he came back to the hospital only to find me devastated.” She added

Chebby said her family was her pillar during the tough time.

“I had an amazing support system from my family, my mum was always at my house, my small sister never left my bedroom because I could not to anything.My pastor and my ministry ushering team at House of Grace were there for me.My friends also paid for my counselling sessions and my hubby was always by my side.” She added