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Comedian Trevor Noah taunts Kenyans over Rafiki Ban

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By Annette Amondi

South African comedian Trevor Noah has taunted Kenyans for lifting ban on Rafiki to allow it to air in Kenya.

Rafiki, a film which revolves around the romantic relationship of two female friends, was banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board.

However to allow it to be nominated for the Oscars, Rafiki needed to air in Kenya first, something that prompted the producer Wanuri Kahiu to seek legal action.

The South African comedian found it funny that Kenya allowed a homosexual film to air despite being against homosexuality.

On his show ‘The Daily show’ Trevor made fun of Kenyans over the decision.

“Kenya has lifted a ban on a lesbian film ‘Rafiki’ for one week right, because unless it’s shown in theatre the film cannot  be eligible for the Oscars and I think it’s amazing how even homophobia bows down to the academy awards.” He said

Rafiki missed out on the Oscar nominations even after it premiered in the country the whole of last week.


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