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comedian YY Expresses Concern Over Eric Omondi’s Recent Behaviour


Comedian YY has offered to teach his colleague Eric Omondi Stand Up comedy after the latter dissed Kenyan stand up comedians saying that they lack direction.

 YY says that Omondi has reduced himself to attacking people in order to get noticed and stay relevant in the industry.

YY further expressed fear that if not helped, Eric Omondi might end up doing something worse.

 “Bro you have lost direction…umejaribu hadi p*** but wapi?..umeleta hadi Wanawake imekataa….umeruka hadi kwa matope bado..jokes umerudia hadi zikapigwa kiraka….Kuja nikufunze Standup before utembee uchi town😂!” wrote the comedian.

In a post on IG Eric Omondi had accused Kenyan comedians of lacking direction, innovation and vision in the work that they do.


According to him, he is the only Kenyan Comedian who has performed on international shows.

 “I dont even know where to Start from🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Mpaka naskia nauma na Kichwa already🙄. If there is a GROUP of people in this COUNTRY that lack DIRECTION, INNOVATION and VISION then it has to be our COMEDIANS. ZERO EFFORT!!! The Most BORING BUNCH of Entertainers in this COUNTRY!!! In a COUNTRY of 46 MILLION People HAKUNA Comedian hata Mmoja ame go INTERNATIONAL. EVERYTHING from their JOKES to PRODUCTION is TOO LOCAL!! Doing the SAME SHIT year in, Year Out!!!” wrote Eric Omondi.

Last month Kenyan Comedian Eddie Butita and DJ Afro got deals with Netflix which is an international brand.

Eric Omondi has recently been an attacking spree of Kenyan entertainers and musicians over their work.