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Comedians Eric and Fred Omondi’s elder brother laid to rest

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By Annette Amondi

Comedians Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi’s elder brother has been laid to rest three days after he succumbed from substance addiction

Joseph Omondi passed on on Tuesday June 19th barely 12 hours after his brother Eric managed to track him in downtown Nairobi.

On Monday Eric had taken to social media to caution the youth on drug abuse using his brother as an example. He had shared a video of his frail looking brother introducing him to the world for the first time.

‘’If you are reading this na uko High school ama colle na ushaanza kuonja hizo vitu jua tu kuna time hautaweza kulala bila hizo vitu,’’ he said

He later revealed that a cousin had led his brother into using drugs.

“He would come out clean and then, out of the blues, slip out of our sight and go missing,” he says. “We would only get calls from places as far as Mombasa: Come pick your brother. He is in Mombasa. He is very high.If an addict is not mentally prepared to stop they will still relapse because drugs always have a certain appeal for addicts.” He said

The comedian shared a video on social media earlier today showing his brothers burial.

He captioned the video, “Ifikie vijana.”

It is not clear whether the brother was laid to rest earlier today or yesterday.


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