Commercial sex workers fighting one another over clients

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The announcement of the first case of coronavirus followed by the government restrictions  not only saw bars and hotels shut down, but also threw commercial sex workers into total disarray.

Faith Mugure a long term serving  commercial sex worker says that desperate times called for desperate measures.

“The pandemic affected us so much, many women became homeless. I know of women who had to move into their friends’ homes after they were unable to pay rent,” said Mugure.

She says that the pandemic not only made them lose clients but also thrust many women into the world’s oldest profession causing conflict among them.

“Then after things started opening up, we went back to the streets. And many other women who lost their jobs joined us. This in turn saw sex workers turn against one another, fighting for space,” she says.

Sylvia Okoth an advocacy officer with The Bar Hostess, an organization that fights  for the rights of sex workers says that many women who lost their jobs in the hotel and tourism industry resorted to commercial sex work.

“Some of these women joined this profession not knowing that they are doing sex work. Some also joined blindly not knowing how to protect themselves and also navigate the industry,” says Okoth.

And so what happens when the supply becomes higher than the demand?

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