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Commercial Sex Workers of a Nairobi joint on the spot over crime


An entertainment joint in Mathare’s Ngei ward has been put on the spot over increasing crimes committed by commercial sex workers operating there.

Polycarp Nyakundi a resident of Ngei Ward says that there are many cases of violence on clients committed by commercial sex workers operating at the popular Kwa Mbuthia bar and lodging reported to the police of the sex workers robbing their clients and even to some extent killing them.

Last year a police officer was officer was found dead at the lodge under unclear circumstances with his firearm missing.

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According to Polycarp, the increasing intolerance among the commercial sex workers has made crime thrive in the area.

At Kwa Mbuthia sex is sold for as cheap as 20 shillings.

Some commercial sex workers who spoke to Ghetto Radio on anonimity say they sometimes are forced to get violent on clients who waste their time by not reaching the climax during the intercourse.