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Concern Over Dwindling State Of Sanitation In Kawangware


Residents of Kabiria in Kawangware are complaining over the poor state of sanitation in the area with heaps of garbage piled along Naivasha Road.

The residents claims that the piled garbage is posing as a health hazard to them.

Elvis Kinyua who has lived in the area for more than 23 years says that they risk catching viral diseases and respiratory infections.

 “The heap of garbage has been piled in this area for years and for now its posing a heal risk to the residents, our parents and children have been affected, anytime  we go to the hospital  we are told  it is respiratory infection caused by a environmental  pollution,” said Kinyua.

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According to Kinyua the heaps of garbage have built up in the area due to improper disposal of garbage.

Kinyua recalls years back when the area  currently  embroiled  in a heap of garbage  was water reservoir, the water that the residents  used to water their kitchen-gardens.

“As at  now there is no fresh  water available. Most of the sources have been contaminated by the underground water from the dumpsite. We are getting  challenges in keeping up with hygiene in the area because  of scarcity  of fresh water,” Kinyua  added.

By Rodgers Oduor


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