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Conditional accounts passed at the FKF AGM


Football Kenya Federation (FKF) held it’s fourth Annual General meeting on Saturday with the members shying away from the discussion on expansion of the Kenyan Premier League (KPL).

Sports Dispute Tribunal granted KPL temporary injunction on the matter following a suit filed by KPL on Thursday October 13, that members be barred from discussing motion 15.1, of expanding the KPL from 16 to 18 teams.

In respect to that order, corresponding items to do with amendments that were dependent on outcome of the expansion agenda – 15.1 ie 15.2 to 15.4 were also left out of the discussion.

Finances statements for 2015 

The finance motion was passed conditionally. Primary information on the financial side of the Federation made it crystal clear that the accounts presented were prepared by the former office led by Sam Nyamweya and audited by Otieno and Associates.

It came clear that FKF did not approve the finances wholesome but passed it nonetheless with a disclaimer that compliance issues were not met, and at that particulars such as payment of 30.8 million purported to have been lent to the federation by former president Sam Nyamweya was rejected and will therefore not be paid.

“There were serious compliance issues that were not observed in the accounts presented but we as a new office promise to correct them from the current year going forward,” said Chair of the Finance Committee Joseph Andere


Budgets for the next financial year were passed unanimously after an address by the Chair of the Finance Committee Joseph Andere.

The federation expects to receive income of Kshs 492 million to run its activities for next year – January to December 2017.

Club licensing

The matter of club licensing regulation, a requirement by FIFA and CAF was brought to the floor for adoption.

Clubs that have a view of participating in CAF competitions in the coming year must comply by the end of the November 2016. For those that have no chance for continental football, the deadline is end of year 2016.

It came out clear that a club that does not adhere to this requirements will not feature in the top flight league in 2017.

“Club licensing is geared to best practices that means they must meet certain thresholds such as permanent address, run an academy, provide financials at the end of the year after which a certificate will be issued by the Federation for compliance.

“Clubs that do not meet this requirement will therefore not participate in the Kenyan Premier League,” said FKF President Mwendwa.

The President however added that clubs that are not in line for CAF competitions next year will be allowed to align themselves with the licensing in steps and not necessarily in full so as to cushion them from the financial implications.

The agenda, as presented, was voted in unanimously.

Player intermediaries requirements

Regulations for player intermediaries were also passed unanimously meaning anyone hoping to be a player representative (agent) will have to part with a registration fee of Kshs 100,000 as registration fee with a yearly renewal of Kshs 30,000.

Intermediaries, best known as agents, are any natural or legal persons who for a fee represent players or clubs in negotiations toward concluding an employment contracts or transfer agreement.

Blessing to change constitution granted

This matter, agenda 15.5 got a unanimous nod from members after a brief explanation from the Vice president Doris Petra.

“There is need to change various parts of the constitution and rather than list all areas at the AGM we ask for permission to make those wholesome changes,” said Petra

Appointment of independent auditors

Clyde and Associates was adopted as a tier two auditor for the federation for the next financial year.

“We have a lot of cleaning up to do and at that we sought to get a tier two auditor,” said FKF CEO Muthomi at the assembly

However, KPMG remains as the principal auditor for the federation.

Ichingwa, Oballa suspensions ratified

The matter to ratify the suspension of organizers of the Extreme Sports Ltd organized Super 8 for running an unsanctioned league was temporarily halted after the arrival of a court order midway through the congress.

The matter had to be clarified and, in respect of the court order, the ratification was not on Extreme Sports Ltd and its director Mohammed Hussein.

“We will not take a vote on suspension of Extreme Sports as we have received a court order not to vote on the suspension of Extreme Sports Ltd and one Mohammed Hussein. But we will take a vote on individuals and not the organization who run the unsanctioned league,” said Mwendwa who went on to clarify that;

“We suffered in the past because of many parallel leagues. We will therefore no longer allow our game to be split any further,”

Those that were suspended include Athanas Oballa aka Obango the – GM of Extreme Sports and other elected FKF officials Joseph Ochieng, Eugene Masibaye, Bernard Omondi, Joyce Hoi and a few others.

Also suspended were KPL referees officiating in the league; Amos Ichingwa, Michael Iluve, Vincent Akhonya, Isaac Maticha, Judy Wamoro, Beth Wambui and Juma Turke.

The vote to ratify the suspensions was done via a secret ballot, with 65 voting YES and only five voting NO. The period of their suspensions will be decided during an executive meeting after the AGM as some members felt the six year period was too lengthy and unfair for players and clubs.