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Confessions Of Kenyan Women Using Strepsils To Spice Up Bedroom Affairs


confesionsDid you know that women in kenya are using strepsils for other puposes other than that of curing  sore throat? A discussion that has been going round on facebook the last few days has seen confessions from tens of women  saying  that ever since the entry of strepsils cool into the market four years ago, their lungula life has taken a turn for the best with this tiny lozenges spicing up their bedroom  lives.

According to the women the minty flavour on the lozenges gives the man a tingly feeling that maximises his sexual feeling especially whenthe woman goes down on him. The reverse is said to be true  true with women saying that they pull hair out of pure nicesseness when a mint filled tongue does a round on them down there.

The discussion was initiated by the controversial Kilimani mums uncensored group on facebook with women giving their experiences. The Senator of Nairobi ,Mike Sonko also jumped into this sexual banter bandwagon by posting a photo of the strepsils lozenges on his facebook page alongside a subtle joke insinuating he was at par with the current online joke.

Many rumours however have it that prolonged use of the mint flavour on the penis might have negative effects such as impotence.

Kilimani mums and their dramas will be the end of us, so if you have a sore throat and you thought of going to the shop to get strepsils, be careful lest you ‘ burn the picture’ , strepsils is the new condom. Shame and unease will be your new companions as you ask for this commodity.

Njoki Gachanja