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Confusion as ‘dead’ son returns after burial

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By Jacob Oluoch

A family in Shiruli village in Ikolomani Constituency is in confusion after a son they thought was dead resurfaced.

Fifty four year old Anthony Mwatia left his Shiruli Village for Kitale in 2007 in search of greener pastures.

It is reported that in August last year, Mwatia’s family received reports that he had been murdered prompting them to launch a search for his body in order to bury it in line with the Abaluhya customs.

Although they did not agree on the corpse purported to be of their kin, they picked it and proceeded with the funeral only for Mwatia to be found at a funeral in Kitale over the weekend.

“The first day we went to the Morgue, we refused the body as it was not our own. Mother insisted that the body is his as she had seen it in a dream. We later brought the body and buried it. I did everything required for the burial service,” narrated his brother.

His brother who had also attended the same funeral bumped into him.

“Now my brother is back and am he’s back. We are planning to remove this body  that we buried and return it to the mortuary as we remain with our own and conduct our rituals to welcome Anthony home,” added his brother.

Mwatia who is now back at home is currently spending at his uncle’s place as Luhya traditions and customs dictate that he cannot set foot in his home until some rituals are performed.

“I heard the story of my death and burial few days back, my sister searched for me and by good luck we met. Now am back home and due to rituals , am still spending at my uncle’s place,” he said.


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