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  • Kenya marks Utamaduni Day  celebrations at Bomas of Kenya with many unaware of the on-goings.
  • The celebrations have been marred with confusion as many questions its importance.

As Kenya celebrates the Utamaduni Day many seems confused and with little knowledge about the holiday.

Eric Muchai a trader says the day is a waste of time and should be converted to something constructive as many do not understand its vitality.

He say his day is normal and he is  going about his activities with little disruptions from the environment.

“I think the first thing they could have done  is to senticise us more about this holiday.But celebrating what you do not  understand better  is a waste of resources and is like mocking yourself.Utamaduni mara Huduma Day  and so on? ” Muchai told Ghetto Radio News.

“Mimi nimerauka kama kawa ni Niko stage though wateja wetu wamepungua sana ile umati sisi ubeba umepotea not  lakini what we always see.wasee wengi hawaelewi hata ni mbona hii hoiliday iko,so wacha isisi tuendele na job yeu hata tukibeba less.” a rider at Kilimani said.

Utamaduni Fete

This years celebrations focuses  on public engagement, street fairs, food festivals, cultural performances and cultural exhibitions, all highlighting the country’s cultural traditions.

According to  Ummi Bashir, the Principal Secretary for the State Department for Culture, Arts and Heritage, the Utamaduni fete will be at Bomas of Kenya with similar celebrations in other 46 sub-counties.

“Utamaduni Day underscores Kenya’s commitment to celebrating diversity and unity, fostering a more inclusive future,The national celebrations will take place at the esteemed Bomas of Kenya, with the honourable presence of His Excellency Dr. William Ruto, President of Kenya, and other distinguished dignitaries. As we prepare to celebrate Utamaduni Day, we unite in the’Ummi said in as a statement to newsroom.’’ Her statement to newsroom reads.


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