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Content Creator Brenda Reveals She’s been Suicidal


Content creator, Brenda Jons has disclosed she has been struggling with her mental health, experiencing extreme feelings and emotions and found herself overdrinking.

The comedian, famous for her ‘Plesdent Kingston’ clip, in a lengthy Instagram post, expressed herself saying she has found herself doing things she never thought she would never do and has been crying too much.

“Lately, a lot has been happening and I’ve been very emotional about a lot of things. My mental health has been challenged, I’ve found myself doing things i never thought I’d do. I’ve found myself drinking too much, over eating, not eating at all, crying too much, all extremes on feelings and emotions,” read the post in part.

Brendah Jons went ahead to add that she’s been having suicidal thoughts stating she wants genuine freedom and rest.


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 “I’ve been suicidal and felt like i just want to stop the noise from the world in my life. I look happy, I look okay but deep down I’m breaking and going nuts. I just want genuine freedom and rest.”

The anti-rape activist went on to announce that she will be taking a healthy break from social media and everything else to focus on her mental health and heal. She also made it clear that she was sharing her struggles to remind those struggling like her that it is okay to not be okay.

The content creator thanked everyone who has been there to support her adding that she is sure she has people who are genuine in her life and things will work out for her.

This is not her first social media break however, as she took another four months ago after she came out as gay while seeming intoxicated in a series of lives on her Instagram page. She later on apologized to her fans and the people she had mentioned stating she was going through a lot at the time.