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Travel blogger Miss Trudy issues apology following airport drama.

• This comes after she received backlash online.

• Miss Trudy fully accepts her mistake saying sometimes people win and at times they learn.

Content creator Miss Trudy has issued an apology admitting she was onin the wrong following her reaction at the airport.

Her apology also comes after she has received backlash online after ranting for being restricted from shooting content at Moi International Airport, Mombasa.

I’m sorry.

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“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn,” she wrote about the incident. She offered her apology and said she is focusing on the positive.

Trudy was filming in a restricted area and security staff asked her not to do so. She said they blocked her from filming and issued arrest threats. 

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The travel blogger faced backlash for her outburst a day ago when she shared a brief video showing the altercation with Airport officials.

“We got arrested for filming at the airport!  This needs to stop! Am so tired! Why are some people making like hard for content creators?! We know our rights!!! All we do is promote our country! I was so pissed off!  Watch the full video on my YouTube channel!” she captioned it.

In the video,the blogger is seen walking up and down, surrounded by airport staff, all trying to sort out the mess.

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The dramatic Miss Trudy VIDEO at the Airport

A female police officer can be seen trying to control the situation and calm the tempers.

“Guys, we’re being harassed at the airport, these guys actually want to arrest us because we are filming,” an angered Trudy says. “No, this is getting out of control, this is too much. In fact, they went and brought the police to arrest me because I’m creating content.

This is Kenya! I’m just creating content. I’m leaving Mombasa, I’m going back to Nairobi, someone stops me at the entrance, and starts harassing me telling me to stop creating content! I’m just tired!” Trudy shouts in the scene.

Miss Trudy in a tussle with Mombasa Airport security over filming rights

The Kenya Civil Aviation Security Regulations 2020 59 (1-c) states that a person who engages in operating a portable electronic device is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding Sh500,000 or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both.

The regulation further states that a person who commits an offence, if he refuses to comply with a lawful order issued by the airport operator, on behalf of the Authority, has the purpose of maintaining good order and discipline at the airport.

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