In Summary
  • Sheryl Gabriella graduates today as a journalist from the Multimedia University of Kenya.
  • She is a digital content creator.
  • She is a mother to Adrian Sebastian

Content Creator Sheryl Gabriella graduates with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at Multimedia University of Kenya today.

Through her Instagram account, she announced that she is officially a journalist.

”A journalist officially. My family came through. Thank you, mom, @anitakirui1. You made this happen for me single-handedly.” She wrote.

She was joined by her family, her mother, her son, her content creator partner Kabugi and friends.

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More about Sheryl Gabriella

Sheryl Gabriella whose real name is Sheryl Cherono is a Kenyan artist, comedian, content producer, Tik Toker, singer and actor born on January 7,2001.

She became famous in 2022 with comedies and content in shembeteng language slogan alongside Kabugi .

Sheryl Gabriella and her mum. PHOTO Courtesy


She is a firstborn of a family of three and grew up in Bomet County.

She was brought up by a single mother Anita Kirui.

She gave birth in 2020 to a baby boy Adrian Sebastian.

Sheryl Gabriella and her son. PHOTO Courtesy

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Content Creation Activities

Sheryl has been on the limelight but became more famous after joining hands with Kabugi.

Sheryl and Kabugi joined forces after understanding their complimentary talents.

They have been delivering good quality contents and what motivates them is their eloquence.

Kabugi has made sheryl feel more confident by supporting her throughout the career course.

The two have been spotted together which made their fans to speculate that they are dating which turns out that they only business partners.

Their husband and wife acting team’s content is very high on demand from fans.

Through her hard work she is now an entrepreneur and owns a sneakers’ store.

With her outgoing skills she has land deals with BangBet, Coca Cola and many others.




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