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Controlling huge number of people at weddings, funerals difficult

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A section of the clergy now wants president Uhuru Kenyatta to relax some of the Covid-19 restrictions put in place in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Bishop David Kodia of Bondo Anglican Church of Kenya says that they are overwhelmed as church leaders in their bid to control the numbers of people attending weddings and funerals.

“As a church we are faced with such daunting tasks of controlling the number of people in such cultural events,” said Kodia.

“In Africa people are not invited to attend weddings or even funerals they will just come. And even those who are invited, will just invite others,” he stated.

Kodia who was speaking at the wedding of Philip and Risper in Siaya says that the 50 people restriction put on these events are clashing with their cultural beliefs and practices.

Kodia says that for as long as other precautions like social distancing and sanitizing are observed, then all will be well.


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