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Controversy Boy Willy Paul In A Fresh Scandal,Diamond Platnumz In It Big Time.(Pics)

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willyThe lyrics;

“Hivi Leo,Nimerudiree,
Kwa Mwenyeziree,
Anisameheree……,” had partially convinced me that Willy Paul will straighten his crooked and controversial ways to some clean stuff.

Truth be said, Willy Paul is huge and a good song writer. Bigger than his nemesis as well…..but he lacks confidence to do his shit in his own way.

See, since this boy rose to the limelight, he has been constantly accused of being a complete copy cat of Diamond Platnumz. He even once confessed of looking upto on the secular artiste as an icon. Well, who doesn’t need motivation from a successful icon?? Everyone does Willy Paul.

So as we speak, Kenyans are strangling on Willy Paul’s neck after he went way toooooo far with his copy cat antics.

Eric Omondi should even borrow a leaf from Willy Paul on how to be “Diamond Platnumz Part 2.”

Am talking about Willy Paul’s recent copied outfit from Diamond. The checked jacket, the Marvin cap, the black top and pants…did I mention the watch?? How about eyepieces?? Sitting posture….too much copying and am not the only one wailing.

Check him out,plus how Kenyans reacted on him.

willy1 willy2 willy3 willy4 willy5 willy6 willy7 willy8



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