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Five conversations every parent Dreads


paDon’t you miss those younger years of barbie dolls( or for those who grew up in eastlands like me, polythene paper dolls) when you got to be a parent without actually being a parent. Being grown up is a trap in itself and now being a parent and having to have those difficult conversations with your kids is a shot gun at balls length. We live in the era where you are screwed if you tell them and screwed if you don’t but the world not being a better informant, we would rather you be the adult and have this tough conversations.


Can we hide under the bed already? Every parent squirms at the thought of when, how to have ‘the talk’ with them. The trick is in knowing, how much they know and how much you want them to know. In this day of internet that is faster than lightning, they probably know something already(probably too much for your liking). Give teaser questions to gauge their knowledge and know where to start from. Also ,on a lighter note, have a handkerchief and glass of water because you might sweat all you fluids out. If you do not set the sexual tone and pace for your child, someone else might and you might not like it much.