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  • My Ex-Girlfriend Plotted My 100 Years Imprisonment
  • To Control Kayole Children’s Home -Convict Tells Court In Defence

A convict serving 100 years in jail has blamed ex girlfriend and a donor for fixing him in a defilement case.

During the defence hearing for yet another fresh defilement case, Stephen Nzuki Mutisya told the trial magistrate Bernard Ochoi that his arrest and subsequent charge was a plot by his German ex girlfriend and donor so as to take control of a children home in Kayole.

The court also heard that, Brigit the ex girlfriend to the convict broke up with him on matters mismanagement of the children’s home funds.

Battle Of Control

Mutisya further told the magistrate that their relationship was short lived since Brigit diverted funds meant for children’s upkeep to her own account.

He testified that he was shocked when it came to his attention that Brigit was in love affairs with a minor within the home.

He told the court that he formally raised the issue with the management of the children’s home but was not solved since he was arrested and detained the same day Brigit was to answer on the love with minor allegations.

During the the cross examination by lawyer John Swaka, the convict revealed that he realised that two female donors were in relationship with two male boys within the institution and that they could use the money in their personal accounts to buy their ‘lovers’ snacks and sweets, what he called an enticement.

“One of the boys brought the letter to me that Brigit had written to one of the boys with the institution but she said in Germany the boy had reached the consenting age, I told him to stop since it was an offence to have love affairs with minors in Kenya,” he explained.

Court Granted My Witness No Audience

The convict emotionally took issue with prosecution for not placing the boy who reported to him that Brigit and another boy were kissing as a defence witness.

During the entire period of cross examination, Mutisya uncontrollably sobbed and said that he loves the children so much that he would not do any harm to them.

“I really love the children with the children’s home and would not do anything to harm them,” he told court.

He said that during his arrest he left,his personal items were confiscated by police among them two mobile phones,institution’s records and banks records and statements.

According to the prosecution, Mutisya committed the offence at Scream Africa Safe Child home and Vijiko School in Utawala, Nairobi between 2010 and 2016.

Mutisya was last year sentenced to 100 years in prison after being convicted by another magistrate over similar defilement case.

By Rodgers Oduor

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