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In summary

  • Cops form large number of his fans
  • In a Week He video calls with more than three officers
  • Fights allegations it causes infertility, Tooth Decay

Online comedian Vincent Mutwiri commonly known as Vinnie Baite has reaveled that his biggest fans are members from the displine forces.

The witty comedian made the revelation while on a podcast recently maintaining that the ‘uniformed brothers’ relate well with his craft which involves chewing khat popularly known as Miraa or simply Jaba.

“Walikuwa wanafeel art yenye nafanya hiyo ya kushikisha ni kitu yenye wanarelate nayo sana…fan base yangu most ni makarao,kdf-armed forces,navy,air force na the kenya police kikosi yote ya makarao wanakuwanga mafans mbaya” He stated

Vinnie vividly remembers one evening when a group of ‘officers’ some drawn from Interpol paid him a courtesy call.They had a fun filled evening as the new found friends threw booze and of course miraa was also in plenty.

Despite vinnie being an amateur in ‘Kushikisha’ translation for chewing miraa he ended up chewing them the whole night.

Though he termed the meeting educative, the aftermath left him with jaws to nurse thanks to nonstop chewing.

“Guess wamebeba nini kwa gari ‘miraa’ imejaa hivi nakwambia hiyo siku nilitafuna mpaka six hadi huku(touching cheeks) nilikuwa naskia nimechoka nilikaa siku moja bila kupanua mdomo nafanya hivi naskia uchungu..” He explained partly

In a week, Vinnie video calls more than three cops from different places of the planet.

Refutes Claims Chewing Miraa Causes Infertility, Tooth Cavities

Vinnie further fought off allegations of miraa being a leading factor in causing infertility as well as tooth problems.

He noted that if the statement would have been true as many always see it then there would have been no generations in addition dentistry would have been the common shop in every corner of the miraa growing region.

“Miraa ingekuwa inamaliza libido wameru hawangekuwa na watoto labda ata mimi singezaliwa juu maze alikuwa anakula miraa alafu Meru kungekuwa na hospitali mingi sana za dentist,” he continued.

The university of Maseno alumni further added that one of the weirdest ways of chewing miraa he’s ever heard of is the use of ‘mosquito coil’ as an accompaniment from the normal use of groundnuts or chewing gum.

“Wale wabaya kabisa ni wengine wanachew lakini wanachew na mosquito coil (laughs) “he revealed

Vinnie is the kind of comedian who throws ‘intelligent jokes’ those jokes that, you miss then it hits you in a minute or maybe you get lost completely if one can’t match his range of knowledge.

To Meru, Miraa is part and parcel of their culture and heritage hence Vinnie proudly embracing the plant.Heard of any weird method of chewing miraa? Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka.


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