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Angela hitmaker Boutross Munene has revealed that the death of his father was as a result of rogue police officers.

The artiste made the statement while on an online engagement with Mwafreeka and Dj Zak on the the Iko Nini Podcast adding that no single bullet was fired but succumbed from torture to a man who eked his living honestly.

“Buda ni masanse tu,walimganda tu alikuwa tu mauru na mambo tu zake so sijui fracas tu ilitokelezea tu,alikuwa tu msee tu anakula tu mboka zake ” He stated

Music Stole Him From Football

Boutross’s first love was football, he also enjoyed dancing and public speaking but it was music which eventually stole his heart.

He had had a keen interest in football that saw him being regarded as a promising player for the then premiership side KRA also known as Ushuru Football Club.

Both of his parents are dead with his mother dying from kidney failure at a time raising funds for her medication was an uphill task

“Mdhamas naye ni kidney failure so hiyo ngori ilimtoklezea nini alafu hiyo time maganji haikuwa kupeleka msee akafanywange hiyo dialysis kila time so ikatupata tu off guard nayo” he narrated

His parents death caused him trauma as he had to be separated for a while from his only sister, life with relatives was also unbearable.He termed the experience as his most challenging.

“Apo ndio place maisha ilinif**** ile baad becoz nakumbuka after madha agenye tulisplitiwa” He continued.

With a hundred thousand subscription on YouTube, Most of Boutross’s songs have hit the million mark button.These are namely Stori ilianza,Yea Yea Yea and Ndovu Ni Kuu which saw Krispah change his name to Ndovu Kuu from the song’s success. it has a cool 12 million views on YouTube and still counting, not a mean feat in kenyan hip hop.

He’s made trips outside the neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda in promoting his music.His visit in the Pearl Of Africa last year saw him perform at the controversy ridden Nyege nyege festival.

He’s currently riding high with the banger ‘Angela’ . some of the artist’s he’s collaborated with include Khaligraph Jones,Ndovu kuu,Fathermoh ,Juicee Man and Mandy among others.

He defines his music as Shrap,a mixture of trap and hip hop music.

By Steve Osaka.


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