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Corazon Bashes Naughty Fan On Twitter Regarding Her Behind

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Corazon-Kwamboka-PhotosSeems a lot has been going on in Corazon Kwamboka’s life that little or no light has been shed on until the “stolen wig” drama that happened some days ago at a high end club in Kilimani area.

Corazon has been of the limelight and prefers doing her things “chini ya maji” without announcing like her counterparts Vera and Huddah. Or maybe she is not interesting as the latter two so nobody really bothers about her and whatever she does.

Miss Kwamboka compared to the others in her trade seems more conservative and laid back. But not on her social media platforms. Especially on twitter. Corazon is a big  head and can be cocky when one rubs her roughly.

So a naughty Twitter user by the name @MeMotika gathered his guts and told   Corazon that he wanted to see her big behind  after bring tempted by its voluptuous  volume.

It is after this that Corazon replied in fury by asking @MeMotika to ask his mother to show him her behind.

“Enda Uambie Mamako Akupanulie Skirt Yake Uone A***,” replied Corazon to the original tweet.

Unknown to the attitude-filled Kwamboka was an equally big headed @MeMotika who shot back to the lawyer with this;

“Ya Mamangu hailipiwangwi kuonwa!!”.

Madam had to surrender to this retard at the long run;



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