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Corazon Kwamboka Blasts Frankie Gymit After Telling Her Secret

Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka has expressed her disappointment in her baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt after he made her secret known to the public.

In a series of posts, the mother of two lamented how Frankie was using her vulnerability to chase clout while on a media tour in Tanzania and mentioned that the information she shared with him about growing up without a father figure was private and confidential.

“Imagine telling someone’s s** in private and confidence with filled vulnerability then they use it for clout. #Beendone.If I start to talk, no one will stop me. But I choose to remain silent, for the sake of my children because I know one day they will be grown.Funny enough, the person talking about all this is actually talking about themselves. Funny how people can be so delusional,” Corazon Kwamboka said in a series of posts.

Corazon’s sentiments come hours after her baby daddy Frankie hinted that the reason behind his breakup with the two women he was dating (Maureen Waitutu and Corazon Kwamboka) is because they did not have a father figure when growing up.

“The two ladies who I have been with, they didn’t have the father figures. This is something even, Corazon and I have talked about it. She’s never had a father figure, her dad wasn’t really there full time. So when the dad would come around he would ask her for something.

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The fitness instructor went on to say that Corazon believed that love came with a condition due to her experience with her father.

“So to her, love had a condition, when you come to show me love, it means you need something from me. Even me when I show her love, Unconditional love, she tries to find a condition so you end up having to overprove yourself in every situation losing yourself because you are trying to explain you are doing that for love. Even something like buying her flowers,” frankie said in a recent interview.

In February, the two went their separate ways and Corazon broke the news of their separation in a post.

“I’m single. Life goes on,” only to later delete it and instead posted a black rose with a more detailed caption which read: “I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on”.

By Stella Anyango