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Coronavirus pandemic killing grassroots talent


A group of slum activists are a worried lot after various talent search projects for children in the slums shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The activists claim that closure of schools, and calls to stay at home coupled with withdrawal from various donors shut down the projects.

Joseph Dunde, a coordinator at the Slum Children Organization says that his talent school in Mathare Mabatini, that once had about 200 children is no longer in operation.

According to Dunde the talent school which taught children how to dance and act also protected them from crime, drugs and early pregnancies.

“We teach them traditional dances, modern dances and even acting to protect them from crime, drugs, engaging in early sex and early marriages,” said Dunde.

“When the pandemic came all sources of funds were frozen, the funds we received from our donors would go to buying food and also items for their practice sessions,” he said.

He is now worried that the children who are currently not going to school may be caught up in the societal vices.

“Boys will mostly join crime when they are idle. If we do not keep them busy, they will rob us tomorrow, rob me or even rob my friend Japolo. So they are our burden,” said Dunde.