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Council of Governors issue apology after retweeting sexual tweet


The council of governors has been forced to issue a public apology after its official twitter handle was used to retweet a sexual tweet.

The council apologized using the same twitter account hinting that the account may have been hacked.

“SINCEREST APOLOGIES: We sincerely apologize for the inappropriate retweet through our twitter handle. We have regained control of our handle and have put proper measures to ensure that this does not occur again.” Read the tweet

The council had retweeted a message from Vlogger Taruri Gatere who was replying to a Jamaican tweep known as Kimone Pitterson on August, Monday 5.

“Say my name. Moan. Tell me how it feels. Tell me what you like. Tell me how much you like it. Ask me questions I can’t answer because I’m too into it. Look into my eyes and smile and say hi,” Read Taruri’s response.