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Couple Invites Their Grandmother To Be Flower Girls At Their Wedding (PHOTOS)

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flower-girlsA newlywed couple from Sydney have warmed hearts across the country after inviting their grandmas to be flower girls at their wedding.

Yasmine Parker, 26, and Ricardo De Salis, 25, married in November and decided to ask their grandmothers to fill the role instead of young children.

‘It was actually my husband Ricardo’s idea. He had a lot of children in his family and I had a few but we weren’t inviting them due to space limitations so he suggested our grandmothers,’ Yasmine told Daily Mail Australia.

The three of them are very precious to us and when we asked them to be our flower girls they were so proud and honoured.

‘They were over the moon.’

Ricardo’s grandmothers, Jean, 88, and Doreen, 93, and Yasmine’s grandmother Rouhanieh, 96, made the most of the big day and enjoyed getting glammed up for the occasion.

‘My grandmother wore a sparkly number by White Runway, she was adamant to buy something with lots of glitz, then had it altered,’ Yasmine said.

‘Mum had to put it on her while she sat down on the couch.’

Jean rocked a stunning Anthea Crawford dress and Doreen donned a beautiful custom tailored dress.

Photographs of the day, captured by James Day, show the trio all smiles as they join the bridal party and have their make up done.

 Our grandmothers also attended my hen’s night and my bridal tea. So they’ve been there throughout our journey.

They also pose beside their grandchildren before they line up and proudly lead them down the aisle.

‘Although they speak different languages, they seem to manage to have the longest conversations,’ Yasmine said.

‘At dinner parties, they insist they sit together as well. Our families truly treat them with very high respect. Each one of them, coming from different countries, has gone through hard ship and their faces tell so much.’


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