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Court Detains Suspect Behind Daring Mirema Shooting For 14 Days

The Directorate  of  Criminal Investigation  has filed a miscellaneous application  in Milimani court  seeking  to detain Denis  Karani  Gachoki,the man suspected  to be behind  Mirema  daylight  shooting for fourteen  days as they carry  on the investigation  linking  the suspect  to the murder.

In the application, the prosecution mentioned  that the 14 days would give them time to travel to Nakuru County  to get a phone  believed  to be having vital information  much needed  as evidence  to in the prosecution.

Considered to be a flight  risk, the DCI  officer  also noted  that the accused  person has no fixed  residence.

“Since we’re  not certain of the suspect’s fixed residence, we need  time  to zero in on between  Kiambu, Nakuru  and Mombasa  to recover  the firearms and other dangerous  weapons believed  to be in the suspect’s possession,” said the prosecution.

The prosecution stated that the team had not conducted  thorough  investigations  within  the short time including  getting the contacts  of the family of  Samuel  Mugoh and other  witnesses  who are still  traumatised  by the incident.

“Given  the  short time  we had, we are yet to reach the family  of Samuel  Mugoh, because  we understand  they are still  greaving and the witness we had is still  traumatised  so when we need to give her time to get back to normal  senses so that we can capture sufficient  evidence,”Lelakenya added.


The application  has been  granted  by the senior  Magistrate Caroline  Muthoni Njagi after  expressing satisfaction  with the prosecution’s  prayer  citing  that the  matter before  the court   was so grave that the accused  persons  must be detained in a lawful  custody for the period requested as the prosecution unravels possibility  of the accused  person’s involvement  in the murder.

“Following  the application, the court  orders the accused  person  be detained  at the Kasarani Police  station  for the next fourteen  days as the DCI  carries on with  investigations, after which  the accused  person will be brought  back on the 8th June to take plea,” Njagi said.

By Rodgers Oduor