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  • Court extends freeze orders on disputed sh 400 M
  • Kenya businessman Koome Kirimi charged with fraud also claims ownership  StayOnline company

The high court has yet again extended freeze orders on disputed the Sh 400 M owned by Rwandan Fintech firm StayOnline.

Justice Alfred Mabeya on Wednesday extended the freeze orders he had earlier granted and further ordered expeditious three days hearing of the case in December.

The judge further consolidated three files into one and said the matter will be heard as one.

In the case,the proprietor Desire Muhinyuza, StayOnline Rwanda and Ambrose Wamari will be the applicants while Kirimi Koome and Registrar of Societies will be respondents.

Mabeya said it was prudent for the matter to be heard expeditiously so that the money held can be released for circulation.

“Such monies while frozen add no value to the economy, the faster the money is released to the economy for circulation the better” the court said.

In the case, Koome who has since been charged with fraud has laid claim to the company saying he is the owner of StayOnline.

However, Desire has told court that he is the real owner of StayOnline and Koome only helped him register the company but has since refused to hand over ownership back to him.

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