Court finds beauty pageant guilty of murder

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The High Court has found Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016 beauty pageant Ruth Kamande guilty of killing her boyfriend Farid Mohammed in 2015.

High Court judge Jessie Lesiit said that the prosecution has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt, adding that she had malicious afterthought.

“Stabs were not at ago, they were done in intervals. This is clear from the prosecution evidence,” Lesiit said.

Mohammed was stabbed 25 times by the accused.

The court ruled that Kamande’s actions proved malice and therefore convicted her for murder.

On allegations of rape, the court said that doctors carried out examinations and found that she had not been raped as she had alleged.

Kamande, who has been in remand for two years, had argued that things escalated after she discovered a hospital card that suggested that Mohammed was undergoing HIV treatment.

When she confronted her boyfriend about it, she claimed, he threatened her saying they would both rather die than have his HIV status known to the public.