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Court Frees Former Mama Lucy Hospital Boss Charged In Child Trafficking Case

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By Allan Otieno

Former Mama Lucy Hospital Boss Musa Mohammed Ramadhan is now after the state turned him into a witness the baby trafficking case at the facility.

According to the prosecutor Evalyn Onunga, there is no evidence linking Musa with the syndicate and therefore  he will be state a witness to help prosecute  other suspects.

‘‘I have been instructed to terminate the case against Dr Ramadhan. There is no evidence linking the accused to the child trafficking syndicate,” Onunga told court.

Musas’ legal team has welcomed the move saying their client had nothing to do with child trafficking at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

‘‘What has happened is that the prosecution after reviewing the police file  found no evidence to sustain charges against  Dr. Musa,’’ Musa’s lawyer said.

Meanwhile Nubian community has applauded the office of the Director Of Public Prosecutions move to drop the charges against Musa.

Nubians Rights Forum Chairman Shafi Ali says that the charges were motivated politically and they had no substance.

‘‘We are happy with his release we knew from the onset that Musa could not oversee such a crime happening. We knew there were people behind the whole saga,’’ Shafi told Ghetto Radio News.


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