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  • Court of appeal judge propose out of court settlement for Kirima land disputed.
  • Occupants currently occupying the disputed land will not be evicted.

Court of Appeal Judge Mohammed Warsame has called on parties in the Kirima land dispute to exhaust all legal means including out of court settlement.

The court proposed negotiate the matter on the grounds that parties living together in peace.

“We don’t want our orders to evict anybody…lawyers talk with your client’s …sit together and resolve this matter …this is not a matter for the court and it’s a matter that you can resolve and when there’s a consent people will be happy ……You must negotiate and live together,”court said.

The court further urged the lawyer to be reasonable when trying to resolve the dispute,citing that the parties make amicable decision.

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“The ball is in your court … don’t take a very hard position….. Talk to them and resolve the matter …this is a matter where you can resolve yourselves, “Warsame said.

In the meantime the occupants currently occupying the disputed land will not be evicted as the court was told that there are ongoing talks between the Kirima family and the occupants.

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