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  • The DCI wanted the suspect detained for 21 days as investigations continues
  • Court granted 10 days,directed the suspects be held at Capitol Hill Police station
  • The suspects alleged that they were tortured by police at Capitol Hill

A Nairobi court has allowed the continued detention of the five suspects linked to the Ksh 94 Million Quick-mart money heist for further 10 days.

The officers Directorate of Criminal Investigations had applied to hold the suspects for 21 days to allow the finalise investigations.

the five suspects arraigned were Ishmail Patrick Gitonga,Michael Matolo Njeru,Samuel Onyango Hava,Martin Nderi Nganga,James Mbatia Kariuki,

The detectives told presiding magistrate Zainab Abdul that they are determined to trace,apprehend and recover about ksh 85 Million still at large with runaway suspects and the release of the suspects on bond terms would impede their investigations.

The police alleged that suspects were planning to flee the country at the time they were apprehended.

The detectives further averred that there is urged to preserve the premise where ksh 9 million was recovered as they and be subjected to a thorough search.

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The officer also added that mobile phones recovered from the suspects are yet to be forwarded to the cyber-crime unit for analysis for further leads of the conspiracy matrix and trace of stolen cash.

The magistrate directed the respects to be detained at Capitol Hill Police station until 25th November 2023 to allow police to conclude investigations.

She also directed the ksh 9 million recovered to be preserved as exhibit during  trial.

During the submission the defense lawyers alleged that their clients were subjected to torture and inhumane treatment at Capitol Hill police station,citing that they would like the court to direct their clients be held at Kileleshwa police station,an application that was rejected.

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