The High Court has suspended the decision of the firearm licensing board to revoke Uhuru’s son firearm licence.

Justice Jirus Ng’ah said, pending the hearing and determination of petition filed by Kenyatta, the decision to revoke his firearm certificate remains suspended

The judge directed that the petition be served upon the chief firearm licensing officer,the firearm licensing board, and the Attorney General and the set down for hearing on 27th September 2023

son of the retired Jomo Kenyatta filed a petition challenging the decision by Chief licensing officer for cancelling his firearm certificate

He has also sued the licensing board for taking unilateral decision to have his firearm certificate revoked.

The petitioners, through his lawyer,Fred Ngatia, say that there was no explanation given to him as to why the decision was taken.

He says the firearm in question has not been used for illegal activities for the revocation to ensue.

He wants the court to overturn the decision and have Kenyatta’s firearm licence returned.

Last week Friday, police descended at the residence of Kenyatta and directed him to return the firearm and certificates for review.

This happened during public demonstrations against the government over increased cost of living

By Rodgers Oduor

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