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COVID-19 anal testing will increase homosexuality, says Lamu man

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By Magi Kadzo

With the Chinese turning to anal COVID-19 testing to get better results, some people, are apparently not for the idea.

A man in Lamu has shared his sentiments regarding this new way of testing the virus.

According to him, the tests will promote homosexuality.

“So the devil is not satisfied with the number of gays in the world, so he has turned this COVID-19 to be the sole reason to turn people towards homosexuality,” he said.

“People will start getting the idea that it is okay and normal to insert things in that part of the body hence normalizing homosexuality,” he said.

According to researchers in China, people with COVID-19 have active gut viral infections therefore using anal swabs can be effective in detecting the disease.

They say the infections occur even in the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms and even after the respiratory infection has cleared.

However, U.S. experts say nasal and throat swabs are better because COVID-19 is an upper respiratory disease.

The anal swab testing requires inserting a swab up to 2 inches into the rectum and rotating several times, which the Chinese say could detect COVID-19 cases that the standard nose and throat swabs would miss.

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