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Covid-19: Persons living with HIV Aids unable to keep up with ARVs


A section of persons living with HIV Aids say that they are currently experiencing problems keeping up with their medicines due to lack of enough food.

Esther Wambui a person who has lived with HIV Aids for more than 10 years says that since Covid-19, her business went underground and her income was affected.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, Wambui says that lack of income has made it hard for her to afford basic meals leave alone the balanced diet required for persons taking Anti Retroviral drugs.

“I have gone through a lot of challenges. I do not have anyone to help me, my business collapsed due to Covid-19 leaving me with no income at all,” said Wambui.

Wambui a mother of seven says that at some point she collapsed and people thought that she had died after being overwhelmed by the strength of the Anti-retroviral drugs.

“ARVs are very strong, on this particular day that i collapsed, I had taken them without food because I had totally lacked food and I did not want to miss my medicine,” she said.

For her to feed her seven children Wambui who comes from Kiambu says that she needs at least two packets of 2KG Unga in a day.

Wambui is appealing to organizations distributing ARVs to at least supplement them with food in a bid to meet the nutritional needs they require when taking ARVs.