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Covid 19 Spike Has Affected Our Business-Motorists Now Say


Players in the public transport sector have noted a low-key festive season this year as the movement of passengers remains average and unexpected twenty days into  December holiday.

Transporters have reported low business at a time when traditionally, demand for road transport is always high as Kenyans travel upcountry and to the Coast for festivities.

Mololine manager ,Stephen Wachira says there is low passenger movement from Nairobi to other parts of the country, even as PSVs operate on half capacity.

Bus fares are also expected to remain on average for the different routes as opposed to spikes seen during the Christmas season.

“There is not much movement this festive season. We don’t see any rush,” Wachira  told Ghetto Radio

The management of Mololine has attributed the low numbers to the Covid-19 impact and hard economic time on households, which have been forced to cut on budgets.

A huge number of city dwellers are also said to have left the city after losing jobs due to the pandemic. Companies started shedding jobs on the onset of the pandemic in March last year.

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“Many people relocated and are yet to return, so there is not much movement this festive season,” Wachira opined

Traditionally, bus parks such as the famous Machakos Country Bus Station have had commotion during these periods as city dwellers scramble for transport to different parts of the country.

This has affected its revenues, management notes, a trend seen across the entire PSV sector.

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“People are traveling this festive season though the numbers cannot be compared to previous years,” Wachira added

Idd Ramadhan a staff at Winova Expressed also suggested that the government should subsidize or reduce fuel price so that the commuters can stay afloat  financially.

By Rodgers Oduor