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Covid Pandemic Dealt A Huge Blow To My Musical Journey, Rish Mizuka


Fast rising Singer Alphonce Righa commonly known as Rish Mizuka is a troubled man as he opines the missed opportunities characterized by the Corona pandemic.

The son of renowned veteran zilizopendwa  musician Mzee Righa Kicheche from Taita Taveta County was looking forward to breaking into the mainstream world with 2019 being his most busiest year.

He had recorded a song ‘Jiachie’ which was doing relatively well in the local charts and was busy working on a follow up song before covid struck in early 2020.

“Ngoma yangu Jiachie ilikuwa kubwa sana na bado inatesa tangu itoke, waona niliperform KUZA Awards  kule Sarit Center na FIRE Awards kule Carnivore na shows zingine kibao, so Corona ikichipuka ilinislow down sana juu mipango yangu kimziki ilitibuka,” Said Rish Mizuka.

His Sponsors Facing Turmoil

The emergence of Covid saw the whole world embracing to the new norm.With businesses and jobs lost, many had to adhere to the stringent rules that followed in containment measures.

Rish had been counting on lady luck for having two sponsors, one Kenyan in the Us filmmaker Amos Wasike was behind the success of ‘Jiachie’ and the other one Emmanuel Ndambuki  also known as Sniper in the United Arab Emirates, the latter is a long time friend with whom they formed a duo Mizuka Soldiers, who relocated abroad for greener pastures.

Both had to take a back seat as Covid bit all and sundry.


Unreleased Projects

His diary changed greatly with everything coming to a near end. He had a song being worked on at King Kaka’s Studio’s ‘Kaka Empire’ and  a host of other songs at Producer Sean’s Championz Music Studio’s which are yet to be released.

“Nina ngoma imelala kule kwa King Kaka zingine pia kwa producer Sean lakini bado pia naandika kwa sana,” he revealed.

Rish Mizuka who ekes out a living  as a barber looks forward to things opening up.

 “Nina imani milango itafunguka kabla niteke hii sanaa kwa mpigo,” he added.

He’s a promising Singer who was once a rapper with his earlier mixtape ‘The Hip Hop Movement’ as Mizuka Soldiers(Rish And Sniper) produced by legendary Tanzanian producer Chiz N Brain in 2007 being evident.

It featured Ukoo Flani’s Zakah, Guru Gang and rapper Zinga with songs such as Thamini, Ninaenda Crazy and Mahangaiko. We wish him well in his  musical life.


By Steve Osaka.