Christiano Ronaldo Junior has come out to passionately defend his dad over his rating with Lionel Messi;

I saw a lot of people attacking Cristiano Ronaldo after Messi won
And here I wonder .!

Why is Messi better than Ronaldo and with

Ronaldo preferred to offer the European Golden Shoe, which he won in 2011, for sale in favor of charity, and the shoe was sold at a charity auction for a huge amount of $ 1.6 million, and he donated it to build a number of schools in Gaza.

Ronaldo said that he respects Islam very much and certainly believes that what some foreign media outlets report about Islam and Muslims is incorrect and misleading to reality.

In 2016, he recorded a message to children affected by the Syrian conflict, calling them “real heroes” and saying, “I am with you.” He also made a confidential donation, which he asked Save the Children not to disclose.

December 27, 2022

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