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Craziest, Insane and Most Extreme Body Piercings That Will Leave You Shocked. (Pics)


ta5Humans have been piercing their skin for a long time. Archaeologists have found mummified bodies with earrings in them that date back in the 5th millennia, with the nose piercing known to be at least 3500 years old.

Penetrating the body with objects of all kinds is something that is practiced across the globe, although it has become far more common in the West over the last few decades.

Piercing tends to be confined to the ears and, in a smaller number of cases, the nose and lips and belly button. But brave body-mod enthusiasts have shown us that you can pierce just about any part of the human body, should you so desire, using virtually any species of object.

Check out some of the craziest  insane and extreme body piercings ever witnessed in the history of man;

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