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Cry For Justice As “Rogue” Cop Rashid Is Exposed


A young man in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area is crying out for justice after he was allegedly assaulted by a rogue cop attached to the Pangani Police Station.

Ali Mohamed was reportedly assaulted in February last year by Ahmed Rashid, a cop that area residents claim that has been harassing and assaulting innocent Kenyans.

Kenyans claim that Ali who runs a business in Eastleigh suffered a broken leg after he was assaulted by Rashid for failing to give him a bribe.

Ali says that at the time of the assault Rashid was in the company of two other officers who broke and fractured his leg.

“Ali Mohamed is crying out for justice after he was assaulted on 24/2/2019 by #RashidTheRogueCop attached to Pangani Police station. Ali ran a business in Eastleigh and the policeman used to extort him Ksh 15k every week,” said one Kenyan On Twitter.

In April 2017 Rashid was caught on camera shooting a man in Eastleigh.

The video went viral but surprisingly no action has ever been taken on the cop.