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Cyber bullying crashed me – Jimmy Gait

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Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has finally opened up about his short hiatus from the entertainment scene.

The singer talked about being the victim of cyber bullying when he did a cover of Adelle’s Hello back in 2017.

The song earned him the most trolled artiste’s tittle then. He finally opened up on how he felt his world was falling apart and how people were being unfair to him.

“In 2017 I was a victim of cyber bullying after I did a cover of the song Hello by Adelle. I did the song from a very positive place in heart, then released the song on YouTube.

Early the next morning, I received a call from Larry Madowo, the then host of the Trend, from NTV asking me to give him an exclusive interview since I was trending at number one on Twitter because of the song! To my surprise, I was receiving insults and so much hate that I could not even comprehend.My world had come crashing down, and I felt people were unfair to me, and this one that they didn’t seem to agree with made them forget all the music I had previously produced,” he said.

Jimmy Gait says he decided to seek counseling from close acquaintances but when he hit the studio and dropped the ‘yesu ndio sponsor’ song he was still ridiculed which led him to lose major endorsements and resulted to huge debts.

“After talking to some people close to me, I gathered some courage, and with a strong positive attitude, I was back up on my feet again, got to the studio and released another song which you now know as ‘Yesu Ndie Sponsor’. This song was received with a lot of ridicule, and people said I blasphemed God by calling Him sponsor, going by the understanding of the word sponsor in the Kenyan social circles. So many memes were created and circulated online with my photo and ridiculing messages. This is when I decided to quit music!” he added

The experience led to a great loss on my part: cancellation of performances, endorsements and friends, mostly due to my dented public image. Of course, given that I wasn’t earning a living, I incurred major debts, and worse, affected me emotionally, spiritually and socially! It was a dark season for me!
With God’s help, I was able to rise up again from my misery and recovered in every aspect of my life, became even stronger through the support of family, friends, counselors and investors.
This experience did not leave me the same!

The singer then decided to research and team up with relevant authorities under the Hisia Zangu initiative to address cyber bullying in the country.




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