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Cyprian Nyakundi hits at King Kaka after Engagement


By Annette Amondi

On Friday rapper King Kaka proposed to his girlfriend and baby mama Nana Owiti while launching his album.

Kaka called Nana on stage and narrated to his fans how far the two of them have come.

“This girl has been with me, we have suffered together. When my name was Rabbit I did not have a car then and I used board Kitengela Matatus and I would hide my face with a cap. After alighting at Kitengela I would take a motorbike so that I could just spend time with you. Nana, will you be Mrs. Ombima? said King Kaka

The proposal however hasn’t sat well with the self proclaime president of the boychild Cyprian Nyakundi.

Nyakundi took to social media to attack King Kaka for kneeling before his woman saying it was in bad taste.

“Dear King Kaka, Congratulations for launching your new album #EastlandoRoyalty but the proposal is not in order. BoyChild can’t kneel for a woman, this is in bad taste. You portray yourself as a weakling of a male Wewe umekaliwa chapati hadi akalalia, umetuangusha Bure kabisa! Only kneel while praying…….the rest is crap. BoyChild won’t suffer when am around. Get this straight, the BoyChild President can’t kneel for any female. Utangoja hadi yesu akuje. King Kaka uko chini sana.” he said