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Daddy Owen Blasts Terence Creative For Questioning Kenyans’ Support For Celebrities

Singer Daddy Owen has blasted comedian Terence Creative for questioning Kenyans who don’t support celebrities who have gone broke.

Terence had posted on his social media account stating that even celebrities are also human beings who deserve to be helped when they share their pay bill numbers.

Asking for friends, mbona hampendi “celebrities”tukiwaekea paybill number mtusaidie wakati tuko na shida na sisi ni binadamu kama nyinyi na pia sisi tunashikangwa na shida kama nyinyi tu?” he wrote in a post.

In a quick response Daddy Owen told off Terrence saying that celebrities should man up and learn to go back to hustle to earn a living.

“Shida ni “maceleb” waneweka picha(The problem is we celebrities posting soft life. bro mtu akisota unaingia ground(When you go broke, don’t tell people, work towards becoming better).. unapiga mboka unarudi. Speaking from experience,” he said.

“I know highs and lows of these things.. nilipiga low but sahii niko freshi barida(I am currently okay), its doable! But on a serious note, if the paybill is for a cause like helping the society or giving, I have seen Kenyans coming through.. so I guess many so called “celebrities” we should use our platforms in giving back, coz they participated as well in building who u r, remember the followers, the likes.. the shows.. the sales.. come from the collective society as a whole. Let’s give back.”

Netizens were in agreement with Daddy Owen saying that everyone should handle their problems on their own.

Sisi tukishikwa na shida hatuwekamgi Till so kila mtu apambane,” wrote Mike_.blake.

By Stella Anyango