Celebrated Kenyan Gospel artist Daddy Owen , through his  social media page reminisced  on the times and moments He shared with the late gospel hip-hop rapper Anthony Ng’ang’a aka Ngashville, of the Wernono family.

Daddy Owen recalls standing beside ‘Ngashville’s ‘’ bed when the doctor called on the immediate family members,

‘’ It was a time like this last year when u passed on.. I remember standing there beside your bed, when the doctor called the immediate family members and then in no time I saw a nurse removing a machine and immediately plugged it to another patient” He wrote

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He says that very moment got him reflecting about so many things

‘I reflected on so many things about this life that we living in, my perspective changed from that day, even some of my friends say av really changed, I guess somethings became clearer. Continue resting in peace NGASHVILLE.

Ngashvile passed on last year on the 21st day of August , after what is suspected to have been food poisoning which severely affected his liver and kidneys.

 Some of his  popular songs included  ‘’Kaza Mwendo’  which featured Daddy Owen and Danco and  ‘’Fanana Naye ‘’

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