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Daddy Owen gives his take on marriages and rampant killings


Gospel star Daddy Owen has opened up about his take on marriage in the 21st century and why there has been so many domestic violence.
According to the singer, the girl child has been seriously empowered without preparing the boychild’a mindset.
The singer while on an interview with a local media house, said things have changed and most med do not understand how a woman can take a stand against their word.

“The world is changing. People should understand that we are in a transition period where women are being empowered without preparing the men.when i was growing up i knew how a man should be and how a man should behave because my dad and uncle taught me these things.all these things are hardly being practiced anymore. Personally, i sit down and discuss issues with my wife but that was unheard of back then. Whatever my dad said was final. The best thing is to sort every issues as it arises.the reason why people are killing each other is because of frustrations. You are like ‘how am i arguing with a woman?haniskii aje?” He said

The singer also said that most of his friends that got married around the same time as him have since broken up.

“I am in marriage and the rate breakups among the friends we got married with at the same, is big.” He said
The singer also offered a solution adding that the boychild should be adviced before walking into marriage.

“The solution to some of these problems is for us to prepare the boy child so that asiingie kwa marriage thinking he is the ‘boss’.” He added