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Daddy Owen lands in trouble, Vera Sidika in financial crisis here are this week’s entertainment stories


Gospel star Daddy Owen was this week exposed by Congolese songwriter and Vera Sidika could be having financial issues here are this week’s entertainment stories.
1.Daddy Owen

Gospel star Daddy Owen has been accused of withholding rights to his hit song ‘Wewe ni Mungu’
A Congolese songwriter identified as Reagan Sarkozy popularly known as Mwana wa Nzambe has come out to claim that he wrote the song in question but was never accorded any rights.
The writer went on a social media rant claiming that his efforts to reach the singer have been fruitless.
The writer also claims to have written Owen’s Vanity which the singer gave gospel star Pitson credit for.
“Daddy Owen you need to give me credit for Wewe ni Mungu. I wrote the song, you excluded me from the credits and did not pay me. You also gave credit to Pitson for writing Vanity yet I’m the one who wrote it. Pitson only finished the last bit.” He said
He claims he also wrote Vanity which Daddy Owen did and gave credit to fellow gospel star Pitson.
Daddy Owen is yet to respond to the allegations made by the writer.
2.Ali Kiba’s side Chick drama

On Wednesday, Ali Kiba’s side chick Clouds FM presenter Diva the Bawse admitted to having been in a low key relationship with Alikiba for over a decade.
She went on to add that she called off the relationship in February this year but the singer has been clinging to her since.
In the said posts, Diva went to share how she has even spent the night at Kiba’s house in Tabata and how all his signees at the label identify him as his lady.
“Me and Ally came along way since his return in the music world and yes both as friends and Low-key lovers kwa muda mrefu sana. I have evidence to prove ndio maana Killy alikuwa ananiita mama na wengime wote. Since naona sasa story za aajabu zinazidi maybe should be open so we end this drama ambayo mnatengeneza. Everyone huko Tabataa knows, but with respect sijawahi hata onyesha anything. So this is more like drama za Mahusiono and someone is truly hurt. Sababu tu a woman made a decision to move on, si sawa at all everyone has the right to move on and I’m sorry I hurt your feelings but it is what it is … niliamua kuji distance kwa zababu zangu and take a break ndo maana huwa sifuti messages and evidence sababu ya vitu kama hizi. By the way I ended up kila kitu 16/2/2020 and I told Ali and he has evidence as well,” reads part of a post that has since been deleted
Kiba responded to Diva saying that she is using his name to clout chase but she hit back with threats of releasing their bedroom videos.
She went on to share a screenshot of a whatsapp message where Kiba insistently tries to convince her to visit him at his house.
Fans are however not convinced with the back and forth arguing that Kiba may be out to promote a new song using all the controversy.
3.Vera Sidika

Socialite Vera Sidika is once again trending after being trolled for lying that she was invited by American rapper and RnB star Torry Lanez to be in his Instalive.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Torry has gone viral with millions of new followers on Instagram for his popular “Quarantine Radio” Instagram Live show.
In the show, Torry invites a series of celebrities to dance and some twerk as he he plays music mashups.
In the same live show, he hosts dance competitions and welcomes famous friends and has so far had the likes of Justin Bieber, Drake and Timbaland.
For one to be invited to take part, Lanez asks willing participants to send peach emojis.
On Thursday, Vera Sidika took to social to claim that the rapper had invited her on the live show, something that left tongues wagging.
Vera shared a screenshot claiming she was invited by the singer and had to decline the offer.
“Y’all know I ain’t bout that life though” she wrote
Online detectives were quick to unearth a video recorded from the live show showing Vera flooding the singer with a whole lot of peach emojis.
Word doing rounds also indicate that the socialite may be going through a rough patch at the moment.
According to netizens, Vera may lose her house to auctioneers very soon.
She has however refuted those allegations by sharing photos of her home in recent online posts and even went on to share a video of her car’s make over to prove that all is weel.
4.Ezekiel Mutua to Mejja and Femi One

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua blacklisted rapper Femi One and Mejja from the government fund meant for artists over their hit song ‘utawezana’
The song which premiered on Youtube on 1st April already enjoys over 2.6 million views on the platform and has been dominating charts since then.
In an online post, moral cop Ezekiel Mutua said the two artists should be ashamed on releasing such content.
Mutua argues that artistes should focus their energy on releasing content that will help in the fight against CoOVID-19.
“The perverts who are creating such obscenity like “Nikikupea utawezana” should be ashamed of themselves. Media houses promoting such crap too are a disgrace. Artistes should be creating inspiring content to help combat COVID-19 pandemic, not promoting sexual perversion. Our artistes must not glorify immorality in the guise of creativity. The Okonkwo Utawezana nonsense is a shallow, bizarre sexual perversion. There’s absolutely nothing creative there. That lady would be ashamed to sing such crap before her mother,” He wrote
Mutua further added that both Mejja and Femi One will be blacklisted from benefitting from the government funds meant for artists.
“The Government has a duty to protect children from premature exposure to adult content. Those producing, broadcasting, distributing or exhibiting immoral content will not benefit from Government funding and public events funded by the Government. Right now kids are at home and have access to technology as an essential tool for their studies. It’s wrong to have content that can ruin their morals being circulated with wanton abandon. It’s worse when mainstream media begins to glorify such dirty content by giving the creators airtime on TV or Radio,” He added
5.Mulamwa quits Comedy

This week comedian Mulamwa became the talk of the town in a perfect case of when the hunter becomes the hunted.
The comedian hung up his boots in the comedy industry citing online bullying as his main reason. Ironically netizens revealed he has also been subjecting others to cyberbullying on way too many occasions.
In a post that has been widely shared online, Mulamwa revealed that the industry is not what he expected and that social media has subjected him to bullying on several occasions.
“It wasn’t an easy decision to make, I’m sorry guys. What was to make me happy has made me sadder. More enemies than friends, too much negativity and trolls. I wasn’t here for fame and bad blood but for fun. Shukran sana kwa the support from the fans and everyone else who made it a success. To those who always wished the worst for me I hope y’all happy now, the stage is all yours. my prayer is that no one else goes through the same again.” He wrote
Mulamwa further revealed that his wife Carol Sonnie had a miscarriage at three months as a result of cyberbullying.
“I once posted @carrol_sonie while in a hospital bed, we had just lost our baby at 3 months following stress after being trolled online. I have never been the same since then.” He said
A close sources however poked holes in the comedian’s statement saying that he’s worked with Mulamwa for years but has never heard of any miscarriage.