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Daddy Owen opens up about his son’s near death experience


By Annette Amondi

About two months after the arrival of his son, gospel singer Daddy Owen has finally opened up about the challenges he faced during his baby’s delivery.

The singer says his son was born five weeks early after a scan showed that his wife needed to go for an emergency delivery.

He says his wife had been complaining of labor-like pain despite the fact that her due date was not almost.

“The biggest challenge was after the last check with the doctor, just before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labour pain, yet her due date was not near. We went for the scan and the results showed that the cord was around the baby’s neck…’’ he said

Owen says he was so stressed about the whole condition but decided to rush his wife to the hospital for the emergency delivery.

“The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason,” he added