Following comedian Eric Omondi’s ongoing online rants over the death of Kenyan gospel industry, Daddy Owen and Willy Paul have come forth and addressed the self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa.

Daddy Owen addressed Eric Omondi through a video posted on his Instagram and You Tube channel reminding the comedian that some of the names he mentioned are of people he knows personally who are going through different phases in their lives from losing loved ones to other personal issues that can’t provide them with peace or ample time to record new music.

“People are going through tough times and they’re stuff or issues that are just happening to all of us, there are people who’ve lost loved their ones, there are people who’ve lost the most important things in their lives, there are people who are just struggling with life issues … they’re going through that phase in life that is really hard for them to even go in studio to write a song or even go anywhere to perform or even to do anything concerning the ministry ” Said Owen partly.

Though he acknowledged some of Eric’s sentiments as outrightly sensible, Owen maintained that some of the names Eric dropped in his ‘list of shame’ ought not to be there in the first place.
“There are people you’ve mentioned it’s really really unnecessary” Said a distraught Owen partly
Am Not A Gospel Artist, Willy Paul

On his part, Willy Paul whom Eric Omondi accused of being a sex pest also replied to Eric Omondi via Instagram schooling him that he was putting him in a wrong category since he’s no longer a gospel artist. He went ahead and warned Eric to desist from uttering his name and rather concentrate on building his own brand.

“Eric-am not a Gospel Musician so please address the right people. Get my name out of your mouth. You’re like an elder brother to me but place imefika unavuka mpakaa. We’re all chasing that big bag bro.Focus on making urself big again just like me” Shot Willy Paul.

Eric Omondi’s ‘gospel list of shame’ had names of Guardian Angel, Jimmy Gait, Mr Seed, Ringtone, Bahati, Eunice Njeri,Kambua,Dk Kwenye Beat,Gloria Muliro and Mercy Masika whom he called out for going against the gospel.

In another post on his social media, Eric shared a collage photo of some of the artist’s and prayed to God for their restoration.
“Lord I pray that you may speak to these individuals personally. Before the devil attacked the church in Kenya he attacked the ministries of these brothers and sisters. Lord these Generals are no more and your army is weak, your soldiers are injured…. I speak restoration and revival upon their ministries” read part of Eric’s prayer request.

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By Steve Osaka

February 8, 2023

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